Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Public Apology to Todd Rundgren

I am sorry, Mr. Rundgren.  I misjudged you.  Dismissed any possibility of musical integrity of any sort based on two random songs.  “I Saw the Light” is a great song, but I mentally dismissed you as a 70’s soft rock artist, and then with “Bang the Drum All Day” I began to consider you more novelty.

I have been shown the error of my ways and now regret the loss of knowing the full contribution your music and sweet lyrics would have made to the soundtrack of my life
thus far.  The comfort I could have derived from your "Healing" and "2nd Wind" albums alone... it's like turning down an offer of a hug from the strongest, gentlest arms.  I am so ashamed.

There was a famous quote by Elie Wiesel I fell in love with so many years ago: "But where shall I start? The world is so vast, I shall start with the country I know best, my own. But my country is so very large, I had better start with my town. But my town, too, is large. I had best start with my street. No, my home. No, my family. Never mind, I shall start with myself."  I wrote it everywhere.  And you wrote "Change Myself". And I missed it.

"If I want more peace in the world
Then I must make peace with myself
If I want more trust in the world
Then I've got to trust in myself
If I want more love in the world
I must show more love to myself"

I promise from this day forward, to try to be less dismissive of any and all music without a fuller taste, to accept the embraces that are so freely given, to pass on to my daughters your words of comfort and love and, yes, silliness, so that they know where to turn when they are feeling alone.  Thank you for your contribution which I am just beginning to realize and enjoy.

I’m as serious as I can be.