Saturday, April 20, 2013

But are they really "Terrorists"?

You could look up the word “terrorism” in many different dictionaries and pretty much get the same definition.  It’s pretty much “the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political or religious purposes” and “the state of fear and submission produced by terrorization.”  You get it.

Yes, we as a nation have endured many terroristic acts.  Horrific acts of brutality, murder and torture.  We have been brought to our knees a few times.

But have we actually been “terrorized”?  We bring ourselves back up to our feet, over and over again.  We have grown closer as a people, more united than ever.  We refuse to live in that state of fear and submission. No one has made us bow to their demands.  Which means they have not succeeded.

Ergo, they are not “Terrorists”.

What should we call them, then?  We know that part of the act of terrorism involves some type of need for glory whether it be for a cause, a religion or even that person’s own self.  To be called a Terrorist-with-a-capital-T does give them some validation.  Since they have not succeeded in terrorizing us, I say we even take that name away from them.


Why don’t we look up the word “bully”.  Or don’t.  We all know what that word means.  If you think about it, the only difference between a bully and a terrorist is pretty much the degree and method of violence used.  The desired end result is the same.  We also know there are two effective ways to deal with bullies; either make them our friends, or stand together in front of them united and show them that they have no power over you.  (I will not come out and say “Let’s offer them friendship!” and be laughed off the internet, even if my idealistic inner self wishes that were possible.  Maybe someday…sigh…)  We have shown time and time and time again that we get up, we stand together and stand up against people who try to coerce us into some form of submission or degradation.

They lose.  As often as they step up their means of attempted subjugation, they fail.  Let’s just call a spade a spade and call them what they really are, no grand titles and no capital letters.

They are just bullies.

See what that one word change does to the implied “power” anyone thinks they have over us?  And to further lessen the sting, and therefore the implied glory, I will now add insult to injury and allow my inner child free reign to comment: