Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Broken Record

living one long continuous groove
we put the needle on the record
and play the music
jubilant, discordant, meditative
reflecting, enhancing the dance of life at 33 ½ rpm
microgrooves allowing sometimes
pre-echoes of the bigger booms to follow
in time, the record can become scratched by wear
we put the needle on the record
moving to our life-soundtracks
a minor scratch can cause the needle to jump
to the previous groove
and then jump again
causing a continuous loop of sound
a repetition of the dance
a gentle touch on the needle
can nudge it forward, past the scratch
and the dance continues
yet deep scratches can interrupt the tune altogether
and the needle jumps
further this time
backwards or ahead
completely out of the groove
unable to find it’s way back
and what was once a lovely recording
becomes a broken record
never playing the same
never finishing the song

and the dance ends