Wednesday, June 26, 2013

99 Haiku-Lives

For my THWF friends (give it a minute to load)

Try HERE if you can't see the video

And if you STILL can't see it:
Sung to the tune of 99 LUFTBALLOONS

Here we are in our happy spot
Putting ideas out with the words we’ve got
set them free every Wednesday
(or any day, the ‘no rules’ way!)

Fiasco, our thoughts laid bare
Knowing always Leah’s out there
with her watchful, loving eyes
99 Haiku-lives revive

99 Haiku-lives
reoccur, they never die
Underwear, TLPD
and poo-flinging flying monkeys

Once they’re out we can’t renege
opens up another segue
like visits from the cable guy
99 Haiku-lives revive

99 good points are moot
99 means of tribute
from backin’, backin’, backin’ up
to sexy thoughts from coffee cups

Billy Idol and Igor
What color’s your underwear?
Mr. Banderas, he’s so fine
and 99 Haiku-lives revive

99 brain cells erased
Michael Douglas eats cupcakes
Everyone’s a silly jerk
Everyone’s Kurt Vonnegut

Angst can be a bitter pill; Anna straight from Somerville
Knowing there’s no reason why
99 Haiku-lives revive
99 Haiku-lives revive

99 types of earworm
many things we can’t unlearn
left with visuals we can’t un-see
50 Shades of imagery

If I could count on my fingers
the syllables to put to verse
in three lines, my feelings true
It’d be for you, Wednesday’s Haiku