Sunday, June 9, 2013



gentle at first,

the breeze slowly slips thru the strands of my hair in a lover's caress
I step on the gas
as the speed builds the caress turns into a forceful demand
pulling my hair in a frenzy

frantically it swirls around my face and shoulders--

and I laugh out loud, giddy, feeling one with the wind

--May 24, 2012  (Re-posted from THWF)

I love my car. No.  I LOVE my car!  And I LOVE driving.  To me, driving is another form of therapy, enjoyment…FREEDOM.  I think in my car (mayhaps I should spend more time there?).  I play music very loud in my car (I’m the idiot dancing behind the wheel on the highway, arms flailing all over the place, head bobbing in time).  It relaxes me and keeps me sane (a relative term).

When we were little, Dad used to take us “cruising” at night in his ’67 Oldsmobile 442 (his baby); that’s where it all started for me- the driving, the music.  I have to say it was very generous of him, taking his kids.  I know how much I enjoy being ALONE when I’m out at night!

–then again, there’s something to be said about ‘company’! (Expect odes to THAT later!)