Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Of the Cereal Box Variety: Musical 'Ku - How Many Songs Can You Identify?

There are 86 different songs referenced/alluded to/quoted/outright labelled in these Musical Haiku. Can you find them all?

Fly above the clouds
Everyone knows it’s Windy
Capture the moment
Waiting a long time
For Saturday, in the park
Can you dig it? Yes.
Well, Eli’s coming..
Better better hide your heart
Never get away
Are you using me
Touch me but don’t take me down
How can I be sure
Little pretty one
You gonna give me some time
My my Sha-ro-na
Brother or mother
Ah Ah Ah stayin’ alive
Dancin’ man, can’t lose
Mr. Tanner was
baritone. Sang from his soul
It just made him whole
clever little boys
musically inventive
we ready? Ok Go
Mayday! I’m sinking!
I’m sinking,  “Iche liebe dich…”
…sinking, “I Love You”
Tell me your secret
himitsu wo shiri tai
Mr. Roboto
you spin me right round
you look like you’re lots of fun
like a record, babe
you spin my head right
round, right round when you go down
like a record, babe
Boogie with suitcase
You’re living in a disco
Forget the rat race
Been working to hard
We can do it take your time
Do it right, tonight
So lost without you
Come back and carry me home
What are you thinking
Make your mind up fast
Here it is come and get it
Hurry it’s goin’ fast
Feelings. Nothing more than.
For all my life I’ll feel it.
Again in my arms.
Long road, winding turn
I am strong, we will get there
He is not heavy
I’ll go on shining
But I must be moving on
Will we meet again
In mighty jungle
Wimoweh, ee  um a weh
Tonight lions sleep
Clowns, jokers abound
Stuck in the middle with you
This is where I am
sweet disposition
act like no one’s watching you
I’ll be coming over

reckless abandon
a moment, love, dream aloud
kiss, cry, our rights, wrongs

stay—I’ll be coming
while our blood’s still young, it runs
never surrender
I promise. I’ll wait.
Wait for me. I’ll make you fall.
Promise you I will
Talk ‘bout Pop Muzik
Double Dutch Bus comin’ down-
Walk the Dinosaur
Pass the Dutchie left side and
Gag me with a spoon
If I sing off-key?
Would you walk away from me?
Friends help me get by
Talkin’ bout hey now
Iko iko an nay
-haiku? Gesundheit!
Good night, sleep tight and
Pleasant dreams to you. And now
Til we meet again…
And we all are still
Asking that question over
Just how soon is now?
When I’m alone with
You, you make me feel like I
I am home again
People are people
Why should it be you and I
Should get along bad?
Something happens and
I’m head over heels don’t break
My heart, throw it away
You saw me standing
Lights flashing on windowsill
Don’t say a prayer now
Catch the blue train to
Places never been before
You will find me…there
Go- olly jeepers
where did you get those eye-eyes
Don’t leave me standing
Alone in a world so cold
Demanding? Too bold?
Her smile seems to me
A reminder of mem’ries
Oh sweet child O’ mine
Cops in donuts shops
Walk like Egyptians
Too ra loo ra aye
We are far too young, clever
Ah come on Eileen
We can dance, leave friends
If they don’t, not friends of mine
Kajagoogoo winks
Hey girl, move a li’l closer
Too shy. Eye to eye
The real tough cookie
Breaks hearts. Lets see how you do
Give it your best shot
Watch out. You’ll get it
Cool…strange but not a stranger
Burning down the house
Tommy Tutone liked
Jenny. What was her number?
867- something?
My first name ain’t “Baby”
It is Janet-Miss Jackson
If you are nasty
Deception with tact
One thing leads to another
One’s lying to me
Everybody Say
Hear it, get it underway
Wave your hands in air

Do your dance for me
Come on tell me what’s the word
Pretty babe, Word Up
When you’re Down Under
Eat a Vegamite Sandwish
It’s Just Overkill
But I like candy
When it’s wrapped in a sweater
Candy all the time
Everybody talks
Why don’t they just let me live
My prerogative
Asked if I love you
What could I say? You know I
do. Oh hold me now.
Good Goody Two Shoes
Don’t drink don’t smoke. What to do?
There must be something
Where were they going
Without e’er knowing the way?
No cares, happy there                                    
We said goodbye ere hello
Wanted someone to dance with
Black jeans don’t matter

Goodbye…pray for me
Too much wine and too much song
How’d we get along

Goodbye, trusted friend
Known each other since nine or ten
Skinned hearts and skinned knees
Hop inside my car
Love ya, need, want ya
You know I love you
They HAVE to say that?
" Have a happy period"
Alice cooper knows.
It’s so groovy now
reach out in the darkness and
you will find your way
papa oom mow mow
p-papa ooma mow mow
papa oom mow mow
‘Cuz I get my kicks
above the waistline, Sunshine
Murray’s in Bangkok
A fool such as I
Fooled around and fell in love
A fool in the rain

The fool on the hill keeps still
You’re foolin’ yourself

Strange and beautiful
I will put a spell on you
Screamin' Jay knows, too
which road should I choose?
what is the an-answer to
the question of U
goodbye to the ghost
make a casket for my tears
gather the splinters
that live in my haunted head
and I will always love you
No time to regret
You kept your same old safe bet
I’ll go back to black
Since the garden walk,
I’ve re-written James’ song
to “Allergy Eyes”
Every breath you take
One way or another

Like a butterfly
I’ll collect and capture you
I will find a way
Some were spellbound, some
Were hellbound, some they fell down
Get up! Fight meltdown!
change changing places
root yourself to the ground one         
word can bring you round
try not to hate

The answer is yes
We have to take our clothes off
To have a good time

Adele with the pipes
she’s wrong. Not “someone like you”
someone much better
take me out tonight
take me anywhere, for the
light never goes out

smiths- ku
Struttin’ her stuff. Hi,
Joe, wanna give it a go?
He started to freak

What’s your fantasy
Like the way you receive me
I’m comin’ on strong
Clouds in my coffee
Carly Simon had it right
We know what you think