Monday, June 3, 2013

A Little Night Music

The air is still when the first soft tone whispers into the room, 
the slightest breeze breathes in through the open window and the curtains billow with each exhale 
I lay quietly as the air begins to dance around me, blending with the music washing over my body 
fingertips of rhythm trail softly along my spine…tickling, teasing a response 
my skin reacts and I shiver while every nerve stands on end 
straining to feel the loving caress of each and every note 
cooler than the sheets, the melody wraps itself around me 
helpless against the swell of emotion rising in my chest 
I am held, comforted, loved 
so thoroughly, so unconditionally there is no need or desire to resist 
and I surrender fully into it 
allowing myself to be carried upward to dizzying heights of feeling 
before being lowered gently back down 
I drift off to sleep as the final notes fade into the darkness 
and the air is still once again