Monday, January 23, 2017

My FIRST Blog 'Dis'!

It may be a little obvious that I’m slightly opinionated. I can even be a little snarky. I also write many posts about ‘getting along with each other’. 

I still get surprised when someone responds on another person’s thread/post/blog/picture with hate and insults. I feel that if you disagree, you either respond respectfully or you ignore it. If you are really offended, just block the person.

What I write about here is what comes to me, whether it’s something I’m going through that I need to work out, or a strong reaction – and usually it comes from a hateful response to a post and not the post itself (even if I disagree with the original post).

Message boards provide quite the fodder for writers.

With this blog setup, each blogger chooses to ‘follow’ other people’s blogs. I get notified if they follow me, but not if they stop following me.

Yesterday I wrote a blog regarding the practice of single men fishing for single women on Facebook. Then, I wrote a SECOND one – a short and not-so-sweet version – that said the same thing, but rather bluntly. The last part of the second blog was a picture of my middle finger.

I got this comment:

"Followed you too long."

Oooh, that sounds personal!

Why do I always get surprised by comments? I write about them all the time; I said I get a lot of writing material from them – yet I still get surprised when I see them on my posts!

I disagree with this comment, as far as the fact that it violates the ‘respectful response’ rule that I practice. Even if I felt the need to insult you personally, I will do it directly.  I would have sent you a private message.  You disagree with me? Fine. You don’t like me? Again, fine. 

I have apparently offended this person, but I will not make apologies for what I said in that blog, or for the picture of my middle finger. It was as a response to the men who ask for ‘special’ (read: nude) pictures of me. What I wrote was in response to harassment. The first version was nicer, yes, but continued harassment can only be treated respectfully to a point.

Am I supposed to suffer it quietly? IS IT BECAUSE I’M A GIRL? (I had to say that! J )

I’d be kidding myself if I even thought that those the blog was directed to would actually read it, but it did need to be said.

As a girl, I get harassed constantly (I’m speaking strictly of harassment.) I go out alone quite a bit; I enjoy it. My alone-ness is not an invitation for company any more than my status as a single woman is – but that is how it is treated. I am not alone in this; I know all women go through it in some form or another. For me, for them, for us, I wrote that blog. To remind myself that I do not have to take that, and to say that it’s okay to stand up against it. We are not here to be anyone’s target. And there are some times when reactive disrespect is necessary. How many times do you expect us to say, ‘No, thank you”? There is a reason why “No means NO” became a slogan.

This person wanted to voice his/her opinion. I DO get that.  And out of respect for that person’s opinion, I tried to ‘like’ the comment – and couldn’t, which means I was blocked.

(I will NOT get into my LOVE of passive-aggressiveness right now!)

Thank you, Madam or Sir for your opinion.