Friday, January 17, 2014

(Off)Spring Thaw

The cold season started at thirteen
Warm hugs turned to “too cool” indifference
“You just don’t understand!”
There’s no way to bundle up against that kind of cold
So the heat gets turned up
Some days she really made me want to pull my hair out
The icy heat of disdain
Is sometimes a welcome relief from the belligerence
Seven years of this weather, the end may be in sight
Spring is just around the corner
Praying, waiting for the thaw
Unsure if I’ll last the winter
And then…
An unannounced visit to her work
And what I saw warmed me all the way through
I knew spring would come
I saw it in the warm sunshine that lit her smile
And blazed out of her eyes
The happiness and surprise
When she first saw me
I will survive this winter
We will survive this winter

Spring is just around the corner