Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Little Something for Everyone on Valentines Day

For whatever reason (the commemoration of a saint, the Christianizing of a Pagan festival, or the marking of the beginning of the mating season of birds), we have a "holiday" in mid-February to celebrate love and romance.

Like Christmas,  this is actually an "event" that should be an everyday occurrence. Also like Christmas, nobody parties harder this holiday than those interested in selling it.

Unfortunately, those that are selling it are marketing to one market audience only: couples. This has created a backlash and many negative feelings from those who are not a part of that group. "Singles Awareness Day" and "VD" are two common references to Valentines Day from those who don't have a "+1".

The couples who choose to celebrate this day should party it up as hard as they want to. Wear red. Buy flowers, chocolates, or diamonds. Wear a special red thong and heart pasties under your clothes and rock your partner's world after an intimate dinner and a few glasses of wine. There is never a reason not to celebrate loving someone.

Even angry singles can find a way to make this day fun:

* Stand outside of Jared, and take pictures of everybody that goes inside. Then, use social media to spoil everyone's surprise. You could take that further, by posting pictures with the caption, "He DIDN'T go to Jared!"

* Offer to babysit for the most annoying couple you know, just don't tell them you are going to take their kids to the same restaurant they are going to.

* Make reservations for two at a restaurant that is known to be considered romantic. Make sure your table is in the middle of the room. Put a rose in a book and place it on the table across from you, and sit there looking like you are pathetically waiting for someone. Everyone around you might feel bad enough to buy you a drink. After an hour, begin to cry softly, making sure your mascara runs. That ought to get you a dinner.

I have to point out that these are things that could be done on any day of the year. Just like wearing special red panties, buying someone flowers or chocolates, enjoying a nice dinner and a bottle of wine.

Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate LOVE. Celebrate it or don't. But love is love is love, no matter how it is expressed; romantic, familial, or friendly, love is love. Celebrate the day, or celebrate every day with love. Everyone has it; it is in all of us. Whether or not you feel you have it to GET, I can assure you that if you have the awareness to feel that way, then you undoubtedly have it in you to GIVE.

SHARE love on Valentine's Day,

and EVERY day.

Sprinkle that shit on everything.